Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gets a Ton of New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Gets a Ton of New Screenshots and Gameplay Details

D3Publisher released some new information about their upcoming giant creature killing action game Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018.

In this installment of Earth Defense Force, there is an endless battle going on between humans and enemies known as the Aggressor. These creatures have become the new ruler of earth, but mankind wont let them take their home that easily.

Citizens ran underground to avoid the enemy threat, especially in urban areas. Humans even found themselves traveling to places with low temperature to escape the aggressors who didn’t travel to those areas.

The EDF was left weakened and without hope, but the remaining troops continued their resistance independently by themselves, their fight will would be their last hope for survival.

A few creatures that roam the earth are:

  • Storm Ants – Among the aggressors, these ant-like creatures are the most scattered and populous across the earth. Their jaw as strong as concrete and powerful acid make them a dangerous foe.
  • Bomb Beetle – Mixed in among the Storm Ants are these giant creatures not too dissimilar to a bombardier beetles. Their gaseous bodies means there is a possibility they would explode when attacked.
  • Sideros – A mysterious giant creature that falls from the skies, they carry more energy gems than other large creatures. However they are extremely fierce and agile, with the ability to destroy a building in a single attack.

Soldiers are equipped with powerful support gear known as Physical Augmentation Gear or “PA Gear”. This is a powerful exoskeleton developed by the EDF to use against the aggressors. The gear is powered by Energy Core, which is a special element that provides the wearer with superhuman strength.

The EDF Classes revealed at this time are:

  • Soldier: Trooper – Since troopers are equipped with a a wide range of firearms, they are versatile for any battle for the EDF with the main PA gear. Thanks to the power of the energy core, fast and swift movement is possible to evade any attack.
  • Soldier: Jet Lifter – A mobile PA gear used for assaults and reconnaissance. The energy core is directly connected to the aerial units to make free flight possible. Reign supreme over enemies on the ground.

In case you missed it you can watch the first trailer for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2017. Surprising, the trailer is in English, however there is no confirmed western release at this time.

You can check out the new screenshots below: