Extended Edition of Earthlock Featured in New Trailer

Extended Edition of Earthlock Featured in New Trailer

PlayStation releases new trailer for an updated and extended edition of the fantasy roleplaying turn-based game Earthlock.

This week, PlayStation’s YouTube Channel shared a launch trailer for Earthlock, an extended edition of Earthlock: Festival of Magic, a fantasy turn-based roleplaying game that originally was released on the PlayStation 4 in early 2017. This release features a “reworked storyline, fleshed out characters, additional side quests, and additional areas to explore”.

Developed by Snowcastle Games based out of Norway, the game follows a desert scavenger named Amon. As he journeys across Umbra, a dangerous world that has mysteriously stopped spinning, Amon is joined by a diverse group of characters to save his uncle from an ancient cult. Soon, a growing evil is revealed that must be destroyed to save all of Umbra. Players not only play as Amon, but as a variety of other characters with their own unique abilities and personalities to stop the catastrophic past from repeating itself.

The launch trailer shows off some of the strategic turn-based roleplay and some of the fantastic locations that the characters find themselves in.

You can check out PlayStation’s trailer for the extended edition of Earthlock available on PlayStation 4 below.  The extended edition is also currently available for Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mac.