SnowCastle Games Hopes to Release Earthlock: Festival of Magic on Nintendo Switch

SnowCastle Games Hopes to Release Earthlock: Festival of Magic on Nintendo Switch

Following the positive reactions of Take Two and Electronic Arts about Nintendo’s upcoming home console, indie studio SnowCastle Games have announced their intention to get their title — Earthlock: Festival of Magic — released for Nintendo Switch.

In an email with publication Nintendo Everything, CEO of SnowCastle Games (Bendik Stang) mentioned that the development team plans “to have Earthlock ready for Switch launch in March 2017,” provided they get the requisite approvals and certifications from Nintendo. It is worth noting that this is not a firm release date — so much as an expression of interest on the part of the CEO.

Stang hammered that second point home with a followup Tweet, stating he is unwilling to set anything in stone (including Wii U and Nintendo Switch key-swapping) until the details were more firmly figured out and Nintendo gave their rubber stamp of approval:

The announcement isn’t too surprising as of late — plenty of developers like THQ and Warner Brothers Interactive have expressed heavy interest in moving games over to Wii U, while smaller indie studios are opting to move their Wii U games to the Nintendo Switch. Of course, that’s not to say that Earthlock: Festival of Magic is planning on leaving the Wii U’s upcoming lineup — hopeful players can still expect to see it release on the Wii U sometime in “Early 2017.”

For those out of the loop, Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a Norwegian-developed RPGs, inspired by early Square Enix titles. The game made it onto Kickstarter in November 2013, falling over $200,000 short of their $250,000 goal. The game re-launched its Kickstarter in March 2014, clearing their newly-lowered $150,000 goal.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic launched in September for Xbox One (as September’s Games with Gold title) and PC, with a PlayStation 4 and a Wii U version coming later in Early 2017, as mentioned above. The game is currently available digitally, but will be seeing a physical release soon.