Earthword Jim HD Video Is Out and About

By Yaris Gutierrez

April 19, 2010

Earthworm Jim was probably one of the most disturbing video games that I’ve ever played. A world polluted with a harrowing set of inhabitants and torturous puzzles that would make any man go insane is taken on by an angry worm in a super-powered suit that gives him the ability to wreck havoc upon his foes with the company of his trusty red hair-dryer looking gun thingy. I cringed in the first level after I came across a dancing garbage can and a fat dude that spits out fish at you when sodomized by wooden crates.

By now, some of you should be aware that Earthworm Jim is making a triumphant return to the world of consoles in HD form for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Wii (although the Wii, sadly, doesn’t do HD). For some this might be exciting news as the manic earthworm might bring up 17 years of nostalgic moments as the game was long overdue with a new release. Below, I have included a video which gives a glimpse of gameplay and announces a new competition for Earthworm Jim fans. Check it out after the jump.Don’t mind the two douches pretending to argue in the second half of the video. Just do what I did: Rewind back to the beginning over and over so that childhood memories can embrace your thoughts, and make you hate being a grown up.

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