Earthworm Jim HD Out Tomorrow

Earthworm Jim HD. A game that will spawn fond memories and bewildering atrocities; a game more disturbing than watching your grandparents make out; a game which will be released tomorrow, finally, on Xbox Live Arcade for the affordable price of 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Anyone who grew up in the era of 16-bit gaming more than likely remembers the abnormal 2D platformer for being a fun, yet grotesque, experience that practically made its rounds on just about every console in the mid 1990s. Originally developed by Shiny Entertainment, the HD iteration of the title has gone some rather improved visuals (hence the “HD”) thanks to developer Gameloft. Jim, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, uses his head – which is latched into a super space suit – to whip things, grab hooks, and god knows what else. Again, a very disturbing game at heart.

The HD update aims to take the most of all that is Earthworm Jim (the whipping and shooting) and introduce a four-player co-op mode. What exactly goes on in the four-player co-op mode, I can’t tell you. But once we get our review in, we’ll be able to fill you in.

At this juncture, PlayStation 3 and Wii fans are curiously staring at their monitors consciously aware that a release date for their consoles hasn’t been given. Well, that’s because Earthworm HD isn’t hitting either console this month. According to previous reports, the game should follow suit on both consoles sometime next month. If you’re an iPhone owner, Gamelof has already ported a non-HD version for you to download and get your worm-spanking on. I can’t wait to dive into the world of New Junk City once again.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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