Stealth Action Title ECHO Receives PlayStation 4 Release Date and Trailer

Stealth Action Title ECHO Receives PlayStation 4 Release Date and Trailer

Ultra Ultra's ECHO finally has a release date for PlayStation 4. It's almost time to sneak past your own set of tactics in this stealth action game.

Ultra Ultra released its stealth action title ECHO on PC last month, but since that time, PlayStation 4 users have been eagerly anticipating further information on when the game would be coming to their console of choice. Today, we got that news!

On October 11, ECHO will be bringing its clever, constantly-learning and adjusting stealth gameplay to PlayStation 4. You will play as En, a woman who has spent a century in stasis on a trip to a mysterious otherworldly Palace. When she arrives, she becomes entranced by its beauty, but the Palace quickly turns hostile, mimicking her every strategy to venture deeper into its secrets.

ECHO is currently available on PC for $24.99. The game will soon also be available on PlayStation 4. For more information on the game, you can visit the game’s official website or its Steam page.

Recently, DualShockers’ own Azario Lopez got to spend a little time with a preview of ECHO, learning more about its gameplay and its plot. Although Azario found the gameplay to be unique and intriguing, he did worry that it might grow tired by the later stages.

A new trailer for ECHO was also provided in combination with the news of its PlayStation 4 release date. It showcases the game running on PlayStation 4 and further details the game’s science fiction plot, as well as its challenging, ever-evolving gameplay.