Echo, the Latest Overwatch Hero, Soars Into Early Next Week

Echo makes her way to the Overwatch live servers next week. Alongside her are important updates to both hero and map pools.

April 9, 2020

Last month, Overwatch revealed the next hero coming to the game. Echo is a damage-dealing A.I. who promises to play a major part in the game’s ongoing narrative. After a week’s on the PTR, Echo is finally almost ready for primetime. Publisher Activision-Blizzard announced today that the next character will hit the live servers on April 14. Give the announcement a gander below.

Echo isn’t the only thing coming to Overwatch next week. The damage-dealer is joined by an update to the game’s Hero Pool system. Basically, Hero Pools will now be unified across modes, making it more consistent and easier for players to remember. Additionally, the team is dropping the rotating Map Pools. Instead, every map outside of Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony will be available in competitive play. The team is currently reworking those two maps. They’ll come back into rotation at a later date.

That all said, Echo is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the update. Her skillset sounds incredible, as she gets the ability to duplicate enemy heroes. It will be fun watching how she performs in the hands of a pro. Mixing her ultimate, flying, and various basic abilities should make for a toolkit that proves dominant in the hands of a good Overwatch player. Something I certainly am not.

The Hero and Map Pool update comes to  Overwatch on April 13. Echo hits the scene the day after, so get yourself prepared. Overwatch is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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