Ecolibrium Hits The PS Vita Today With New Launch Trailer

Ecolibrium Hits The PS Vita Today With New Launch Trailer

What would you get if you crossed Animal Crossing or FarmVille with Digimon and set it in space?

Well thanks to the Playstation Blog, we’ve got our answer: Ecolibrium.

As you can see in the trailer below, Ecolibrium gives players the ability to:

  • Create and nurture your own ecosystems
  • Gather a collection of the rarest of species
  • Collect or release creatures around you using Near
  • Trade resources in online auctions
  • Download game boxes to extend your gameplay
  • Compete against other players in online challenges
  • Capture you world’s unique moments (via the Vita’s gyroscopic camera) to share on facebook

The game tasks players with keeping their ecosystem in equilibrium (hey! so that’s how they got the name!) and will require players to feed the creatures, look out for how the seasons impact the environment, and manage Ecopoints for spending on new specimens from within the laboratory menu.

Ecolibrium will be coming to the PS Vita next week, free to play (of course, with microtransactions available for tokens that gain players specimens and other in-game goodies), via the PlayStation network. It also offers trophy support, so if there’s any hunters out here, there may be a few unique ones to look out for here.

Remember to check out the trailer (and pair of screenshots) below, and let us know in the comments if this game will bring out the Monster Rancher in you.

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