Edge of Twilight Back From the Dead, and Coming To Consoles in 2013

on December 28, 2012 10:51 PM

No, this isn’t a video game adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer novels. Edge of Twilight–a steampunk fantasy game– was announced way back when in 2008, and then met development hell in 2009 when its developer, FuzzyEyes, lost the majority of its staff in layoffs. Now, FuzzyEyes is back, and here to announce that the game is back on track: and due out next year.

Edge of Twilight was a game whose protagonist, Lex, lived in a world where Day and Night are two separate realms. As a half-breed, he could walk between the two steampunk-inspired realms at his leisure. Not much more is known, but the game was meant to be an open-world action adventure game with a heavy focus on gameplay, story, and puzzles. It looks like the game will maintain these ideas when it releases in the summer next year, on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

To reward fans who have supported the struggling franchise (and presumably helped it stay on its feet), FuzzyEyes is also releasing Edge of Twilight–Horizon for free, an Apple App Store app that will have players assuming the role of Lex in his night form, taking on an enemy who will later appear in the console version of the game. The Edge of Twilight–Horizon¬†app will also be the go-to place for all new production news for the console game, with screenshots, trailers, and other announcements appearing there first. Expect it out soon.

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