Editor's Blog: 2012 Fall Gaming Madness

All gamers know about the fall gaming season. Every year, it seems, some pretty hefty games line up and hope you’ll drop your hard earned cash on them. Gamers who don’t work in this industry have it easy, and, in a way, I certainly envy you. I remember those days – only having to worry about which games to spend my cash on.

These days, the majority of my days are filled with e-mails, discussions with our team here, paperwork and decidedly non-game-related activities. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it, I certainly do. One of the best things about my job here is that I get to talk to and interact with, not only the people who make great games, but those who promote them, as well. The challenge comes in building relationships.

We’ve been around over three years now, and we have a lot of relationships within the gaming industry, yet there are always more to be built. It seems every year I’m contacting a dozen or so “new” companies that we haven’t dealt with before. During the times of the year that sees massive influx of titles, those relationships that we’ve built over the years really pay off.

I’m happy to say – as the reviews editor here at DualShockers – that we have received the vast majority of titles we have asked for from publishers. In fact, there has really only been a couple games this year that we have asked for which we haven’t been able to acquire for some reason or another. So, as we head into the holiday season, I’d certainly like to thank the dozens and dozens of PR folks out there that have helped us, as a smaller site, build a reliable network of relationships to help get our content out to you, the readers, in the form of, not only reviews for games you want to read about, but coverage for those titles, as well.

One of the issues we come across, however, is our relatively small staff cannot possibly keep up with every game that is released that someone who reads our site may be interested in seeing. While we do have a staff full of eclectic gamers, it’s simply impossible to cover everything. To be honest, we do lack in certain areas when it comes to game coverage in our reviews. Mobile games, indie games and sports titles seem to lack, if you browse through our review section.

This is something I personally would like to work to rectify in the coming year. We established ourselves as a small indie hub in times past, when we had staff members who handled such titles. While they have moved on to hopefully bigger and better things, our coverage, therefore, has suffered. I’d like to set the goal to getting back on that grind and hopefully look to hire writers who are specifically interested in covering titles in those categories.

Why do we go through all this “paperwork” instead of simply sitting on the sidelines playing games during possibly the best fall gaming season in years? For you, our readers, of course. We want to have as diversified portfolio of reviews and game coverage as possible.

If there is a game you’d like to see reviewed on our site that you think we might miss, let us know as soon as possible through our tips line – tips [at] dualshockers [dot] com. While I can’t make any guarantees, if we know one of our readers out there would be interested in seeing what we thought of a game that might not be on our radar, we’ll try our best to get it reviewed for you.

To wrap this all up, I hope you all have a wonderful fall gaming season, and spend endless hours grinding away at your favorite games. Just save some money for the Spring, eh?

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Chad Awkerman

Chad joined the DualShockers staff in mid 2009 and since then has put much of his time into covering RPGs, with a focus on the Japanese side of the genre, from the obscure to the mainstream. He's a huge fan of iconic games like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI and Persona 4 yet enjoys the smaller niche titles, as well. In his spare time he enjoys experiencing new beer, new foods and keeping up with just about every sci-fi show on television. He's married to an intelligent, beautiful Southern Belle who keeps his life interesting with witty banter and spicy Cajun cooking.

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