Editor's Blog: It Begins

By Chad Awkerman

February 11, 2012

Chad: It begins. That really describes a couple things that I’d like to talk about this week. First off, this series of Editor’s Blog articles we’re going to start delivering to you on a weekly basis.

This being the first one, I suppose it’s my duty to explain to you exactly what they are. As you can imagine, there is a lot that goes on in our lives as gamers and on a day-to-day basis here at DualShockers that you don’t see on the front page. We go to events, get suspect packages, call each other names that I can’t repeat here via text messages, bang our heads on desks (sometimes in unison) and a variety of other happenings.

That, my dear readers, is what this column hopes to contain. Behind the scenes tidbits, personal anecdotes, our individual gaming trends, rants, raves and so on and so forth. You might even be fortunate enough to see a rare picture of Joel actually responding to an e-mail. That’s how awesome this is.

We may also have two or more editors joining in on the same blog each week, just to mix things up a bit. But, for right now, you’re stuck with me. Yes, I know, you’re sorely disappointed. Don’t bother hiding it.

Now, on to the main thing I wanted to talk about – the beginning of the winter/spring gaming season. Thus the title – it begins.

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

Do you realize how lazy I got through most of December and January? Aside from slicing up some sexy Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic, very little happened in terms of new game releases. Now, I’m contacting a dozen companies a week trying to keep up with the list of new games coming out. Don’t even get me started on the plethora of PlayStation Vita releases about to pelt our doorsteps.

It’s certainly a great time of year to be a gamer. My first game review of the year was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It was late. Let me give you a little insight into why, and why I love my job.

Two weeks before the release date, I contacted EA with the request for a copy of the game. Sure, no problem, they say. Great! I’ve got a copy of Reckoning coming my way. For starters, it is some bad frakking luck that the game showed up on the same day Final Fantasy XIII-2 hit store shelves, and I had this awesome-looking collector’s edition and hard-cover guide just waiting for me…that I couldn’t play because I had a week to play Reckoning. Fine, I can live with that, I’ve been looking forward to Reckoning for nearly a year.

I rip the UPS express shipping package open only to discover…they sent me the Xbox 360 version of the game. I no longer own that system after an incident with a gnome, a ferret and a baker’s dozen bag of Panera bagles. Don’t ask. So, I glanced at FFXIII-2, smiled and dived in.

After getting the little matter of the wrong version resolved, I did receive a PS3 copy a few days later, on the Friday before release. Unfortunately for me (and you…muahaha) I had some plans over the weekend and couldn’t devote my full attention to Amalur. And there, my friends, is the reason the review just went up yesterday.

The good news is that I get to keep the Xbox 360 version, which Joel promptly gobbled up, even though he will probably play it for an hour, get frustrated and send it to Yaris – someone who will actually appreciate the game.

Speaking of our distinguished Editor-in-Chief, I shall turn this gripping article over to him.

Yaris: Before I move on, I will say that I will personally kill Joel if he does not play Amalur — that’s a promise. You see, in my current situation, I have had very little time to satisfy my cravings for gaming. With working an obscene amount of hours and preparing to move into a new apartment in the overly expensive city of New York, I have pretty much had a handful of hours to submit to my fabulous [insert console name here that isn’t a Wii] and play games like Amalur, which Chad has continuously thrown in our face with how great it is.

When I’m not writing thousands of lines of code at my job, I’m pretty much whipping up emails to everyone from staff members to hardware vendors — which I started doing again — to receive the latest and greatest shiny toys to review for you guys. Now that I am back to a schedule where I can actually sleep and do things outside of work, I’ll be getting back to my Photoshop duties to polish the site up and make it all nice and sexy for you, with the help of our programmer David Fenster.

But, aside from the above and getting back onto a normal schedule from those Foxconn working conditions, I have been dipping in some games — it’s not like I have been completely ignoring my hobby. While Chad has been going nuts with Amalur and FFXIII-2, I’ve been giving my spare attention to the Diablo III beta (which is effing amazing, by the way), and the fabulous Star Wars: The Old Republic, which I will say has completely enchanted me to the point where World of Warcraft has become a distant memory (although I play from time to time); and that is rather sad, considering that no other MMO has been able to lure me away like TOR has…but that might also have to do with the fact that I am a rather hardcore Star Wars fan…hmm…

Anywho, from working hours that rivals sweatshops, to moving into a new apartment, I’ve finally been able to settle down and get my gaming on — something that I’ve missed for two months. I’ve bought myself a hefty 55” LED 3D TV, a new surround sound system, and new games. Games like Uncharted 3, which everyone has been throwing in my face as of late. If you listened to yesterday’s ShockCast, and if you’re familiar with how much I hate heights in games, you’ll hear Joel savagely incorporating the fact that there is a plethora heights and jumping; two things which I despise more than anything in games. But, hey, it’s Uncharted, right? How can you not bite the bullet and get a good experience in…especially with my new set up (which I will be taking pictures of).

Chad: That wraps it up for this week’s Editor’s Blog. We’ll see you next week with some more random babbling from our senile editorial staff.

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