Editor’s Blog: RIP Andrew Yoon

Editor’s Blog: RIP Andrew Yoon


We weren’t necessarily friends: acquaintances wouldn’t even be the right word I don’t think.

But that didn’t matter because whenever we saw each other, you were always so warm and welcoming that you made us feel like we belonged.

From our very first major media event, when I realized who you were (and I totally fan-girled because I liked and respected your work so much), I realized how much of a nice person you were. My appreciation for Andrew Yoon — the person — grew immensely.

Sometimes at events we would feel like the outsiders. When everyone else just saw “those DualShockers guys” and turned away and walked back towards their closed-off clique of “elite” industry writers, you always went out of your way just to acknowledge us, shake our hands, and ask us how we were doing.

You didn’t have to care — but you did — and we will never forget that.

Hearing of your passing hurts because as great of an industry guy as you were, you were an even better person.

Thank you, Andrew; and rest in peace.

– Joel