Edmund McMillen Confirms Christmas Update for Binding of Isaac, And More

on December 10, 2011 4:00 PM

According to his Formspring, Edmund McMillen still has a lot in store for The Binding of Isaac, including a Christmas update and a “MEGA expansion” he might do in 2012 that will double the game’s content.

He says that the Christmas update will be coming “in a few days”, but he doesn’t mention how expansive it will be. On the “MEGA expansion”, he says that it will only cost three dollars, but it give the same content as the original game. The expansion will be based around “The Light”, which I’m assuming has something to do with the end of the original game. As McMillen says (also on his Formspring), “DLC is only good if it adds a substantial amount of content,” and it sounds like he plans on delivering that.

When asked about bringing The Binding of Isaac to consoles, he says that another publisher has inquired with Nintendo about bringing the game to another system, likely the 3DS. No word on if that’ll go through or not, but a 3DS version of this game would prove very interesting.

I asked John Colaw, our resident Binding of Isaac fan (just read his review), about this, and his only response was “HOLY SH*T YES”.

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