Edmund McMillen Talks About Super Meat Boy: The Game, his Disdain for Mobile Free-to-Play Model and More

on May 7, 2012 11:45 AM

Edmund McMillen has a new post on his blog discussing his upcoming game Super Meat Boy: The Game in more detail and going into some more details regarding the design decisions of the game. One area he focuses on in particular is the “Free-to-Play” version of mobile games and what he has to say isn’t very nice.

Now his problem isn’t necessarily with games themselves being free to play but rather the design model being used by a large number of developers. He makes some very good points albeit in typical Edmund McMillen fashion which of course means it’s got some NSFW language, but that’s OK by me. 

To make up for putting up with his rant he’s released the first full chapter select screen for Super Meat Boy: The Game which you can see above. McMillen assures that the game will rival the original in content but wasn’t very specific as to how that works. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available.

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