EGX Rezzed Taking Place This July

EGX Rezzed Taking Place This July

EGX Rezzed plans to go on even as other events are postponed or cancelled due to the Coronavirus

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, multiple gaming events have seen postponement or full-on cancellation. Overwatch E-sports events have either been fully canceled or moved online, and 2020 will be the first year since 1995 without an E3. Despite other closures, however, some events are pushing forward. EVO, one of the largest fighting game competitions is still slated to go on this Summer. And across the pond, EGX Rezzed, one of the largest gaming shows in the U.K is also continuing, and will officially take place July 2-4. The event was originally planned to take place at the end of this month but was postponed due to the virus.

EGX Rezzed is a games conference similar to the U.S’ Pax events. It’s chock full of games, both new and old, from AAA and indie developers alike. This year, the conference will be taking place at the Tobacco Dock in London from 10 am to 6 pm July 2-4.

However, an event like this is impossible to run without some mention of the Coronavirus, officially titled Covid-19. On the event’s FAQ page, event runners are assuring attendees that health and safety is a primary concern. And although the event is planned to go on as of writing, the situation could quickly change. “We have considered this possibility and chosen a date from those available, which provides a better chance of us being able to deliver the event and avoid more disruption,” reads an answer on the FAQ. “However, the COVID-19 situation has, and continues to be, dynamic and we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the year and take the appropriate actions accordingly.”

For those interested in attending EGX Rezzed, tickets are on sale now. You can find them here, at the event’s main site. If you are attending, please stay safe; wash your hands whenever you get the chance and avoid direct contact with others.