Eidos Montreal Announce Hitman GO, a Turn Based Strategy Game

February 13, 2014

The Hitman franchise will soon be getting a turn based game, to be called Hitman Go, developer Eidos Montreal announced today.

Eidos intend for the core aspects of Hitman Go to remain the same as any other Hitman game, but are aiming to express it in a fun manner, using diorama-style models. The objective is still to maneuver Agent 47 across a field, avoiding enemies as you go to finally eliminate a target. Disguises, sniper rifles and 47’s trademark Silverballers will all be making appearances

Hitman Go will release as a mobile game, and is a separate project from the AAA Hitman game that is still being worked on by IO. Currently there’s no release date for the game, but Eidos state that they’ve almost finished it, and more news will follow in the coming weeks as they ramp up for global release.




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