Eiichiro Oda Confirms He Plans To End One Piece In Three Years

One Piece's author confirmed his goal to end the series in a recent interview with Gosho Aoyama.

July 22, 2022

Recently, Eiichiro Oda sat down for an interview with Gosho Aoyama, the author of the Detective Conan manga series. Oda talked about the future of One Piece while also confirming his plans for the series’ ending.

One Piece is currently on the Wano Country Arc, which has become one of the longest-running story arcs in the manga. After several fights, we finally saw the conclusion of Luffy and Kaido’s battle. Luffy and the Straw Hats Pirates bring down Kaido and Big Mom. The people of Onigashima are free, and Luffy has now become a new Emperor, sharing the title with Shanks, Buggy The Clown, and Teach.


Shanks arrived on the shores of the Wano Country, but instead of meeting with Luffy, the legendary pirate will finally move forward to find the “One Piece” treasure. Yamato has joined Luffy, who is now also ready to leave the Wano country with his crew, so it’s quite clear that the legendary series is in the last phase. Oda has also confirmed that One Piece has now entered its final saga, but fortunately, that doesn’t mean Luffy’s story will end in a couple of chapters.

In the interview with Aoyama, Oda initially says that he isn’t sure how many years it will take to complete the series. But, in the following statement, the author confirms that his goal is to end One Piece in around three years. Also, the mangaka already planned the fitting ending to Luffy’s journey. That said, Oda also said that he had been pretty off with his predictions in the past, and he isn’t exactly sure this time either. So, there’s a chance that the manga will extend for a little longer, maybe for around five years.

Eiichiro Oda usually releases 35 One Piece chapters in a year, so if the three-year window is accurate, we can expect around 105 more chapters of the manga series. But, as Aoyama said, “You never really know. Characters move a lot,” so Oda might think of a couple more adventures before bringing Luffy’s story to its conclusion.

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