Eiji Aonuma Speaks on Zelda

on December 8, 2009 9:02 PM

We first heard about the next Zelda title back at E3 (Electronic Gaming Expo) earlier this year. The game was revealed by gaming genius Shigeru Miyamoto himself and accompanied by a great looking piece of the game’s artwork. Since then we have heard little bits and pieces about how the game will use Wii MotionPlus and how it will deviate from the formula of past Zelda games. Recently, Eiji Aonuma spoke with IGN about the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda title on Wii:

“With Twilight Princess, we challenged [ourselves] to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever seen, but we don’t feel that we were able to fully complete this objective. With that as a starting point for our improvements to the series in the future, we are of course working on a new game for Wii. For any game to be remembered for a long time, just like Ocarina of Time was, the game must give the strong impression that it has set a new starting point for future sequels to build upon. We are working to further improve upon the experiences found in Twilight Princess so that our future games can realize these innovations.”

So… does this mean The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was just an introduction of what is to come for the next Zelda game? If that’s the case, this news should make us all real excited. Can’t wait for the unveiling of this game at E3 2010.

Nintendo: Twilight Princess ‘Starting Point’ for New Zelda [IGN]

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