Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Quickly Surges To Kickstarter Goal as Everyone Throws Money at Suikoden Successor

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes seems to have everything going for it. It looks cool, cute, promising, and its devs have a nice sense of humor.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes opened its Kickstarter page on July 27 at 1200 ET. Following that, the game made by ex Suikoden staff nearly reached its 500K dollars minimum goal in less than two hours. The game will be fully funded in a few minutes if the same pace is kept.

Update: The 500K$ initial goal has been reached, with Yoshitaka Murayama thanking fans on Twitter:

The stretch goals include multiple appealing features:

750K dollars would add a Fortress Mode. This seems to indicate an army management system similar to Suikoden games, where you could manage your base, chat with the party members, etc.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes is planned for PC only in its minimal goal. However, the 1 Million dollars bonus threshold will unlock console versions including PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. The page teases that additional stretch goals will be coming.

On the Kickstarter page, the official description for Eiyuden Chronicle most notably confirms over 100 characters will be playable. The battle system will use 6 party members, and the game’s graphics as shown in screenshots, mixes 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds.

The Kickstarter and the project definitely looks solid and promising, especially seeing how the team claims to have studied major Kickstarters so far, to avoid repeating the same mistakes. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on this endeavor by the ex-Suiko staff.

Last but not least, the Kickstarter page also includes a pretty cool and fun intro video with Yoshitaka Murayama seen recruiting Junko Kawano, Junichi Murakami, Osamu Komuta, grouping Rabbit & Bear Studios together. They all end up fighting a thug boss who turns out to be Bloodstained‘s Koji Igarashi. The video ends with a full trailer for the game, revealing gameplay for the first time.

As a personal note, what touched me the most as a French otaku, is how Junichi Murakami is seen wearing a Nolife tshirt. Nollife was an incredible otaku and culture, not necessarily Japanese culture, themed channel in France that existed from June 2007 to April 2018. I wouldn’t be writing here if not for Nolife. The channel had multiple ties with legendary Japanese developers and figures, as seen with the still ongoing program Archipel, which initially started as Toco Toco on Nolife. it’s nice to see the legacy live on.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes is scheduled to launch in Fall 2022. You can read the first story details here and the protagonists’ profiles.

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