Eiyuden Chronicle: Yoshitaka Murayama Explains Why It'll Feature 109 Characters Unlike Suikoden

Eiyuden Chronicle, the spiritual successor of Suikoden coming in 2022, surpassed 3 million $ crowdfunded through its Kickstarter campaign.

August 17, 2020

Eiyuden Chronicle, the Suikoden spiritual successor currently on Kickstarter, reached over 3 million dollars collected as of August 17. Following that, developing studio Rabbit & Bear Studios announced a new stretch goal for a 109th playable character. This new 109th character will be selected via a fan poll. Chara designs for the eligible characters will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc in a few days, and an election will be happening on the Eiyuden Chronicle official Discord server on August 21. The fan poll will last 24 hours.

Moreover, a new trailer will be coming the weekend of August 22.

With over 31 600 backers and 12 days left to its Kickstarter, Eiyuden Chronicle already entered the list of top 10 most funded Kickstarter games of all time. The news page of the project is regularly updated in English too, making my job easier with no need to translate anything. Multiple stretch goals in the Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter have already been hit so far, as seen above. Multiple stretch goal which unlocked characters have already been revealed as well, including the typically Japanese loli and shota characters Mellore and Rody:

Mellore is described as a 12 years old Magical Girl. She likes chocolate cake.

“In the name of love and justice… I am Mellore and I call my magic!”

Mellore is on a grand adventure to become a mage, but what she pictures in her head and what mages actually do are…shall we say…two different things. She’s completely convinced that the spell-slinging “magical girls” depicted in one of her father’s books are what the job is all about.

She doesn’t quite get what being a mage is all about yet, but she’ll figure it out eventually…

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Rody is the 13 years old son of a League craftsman. He likes pretzels.

“Ohh… So that’s what makes it tick… Well, I could put together one of these, easily. Just give me a year.”

A boy who dreams of being a great watchmaker. Is he a little disagreeable? Yes. But there’s something about that sparkle in his eye as he gazes, transfixed, at an elaborate timepiece.

Rody seems pretty determined to be a watchmaker. Let’s hope he one day achieves that dream!

Eiyuden Chronicle had 100 characters in its initial plans, just like its Japanese name and subtitle Hundred Heroes hints at. Eight characters were added via the stretch goals. This final new character will bring the count to 109, a different number than Suikoden‘s 108 Stars. Rabbit & Bear Studios explained in a Japanese press release it purposefully planned to not reuse the number 108. Yoshitaka Murayama said he knows many fans would like 108 characters as it’s symbolical, and he’d kinda like that too. But at the end of the day the development team decided to go with 109 out of respect for Suikoden, so it keeps that unique number. Moreover, this way, the 109th character will feel special in everyone’s heart as everyone will be deciding together who it turns out to be.

Lastly, over on Twitter, Yoshitaka Murayama again stressed out that while Rabbit & Bear Studios is listening to fan feedback, they have the final call on everything. In order to make Eiyuden Chronicle into a great game:

Eiyuden Chronicle is planned to launch in Fall 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and the Next-gen Nintendo platform if it releases by then. We previously listed the game for Nintendo Switch in the past, that was my mistake. The game will be supporting English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese.

You can read more on the game and check out some gameplay via our past coverage.

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