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Eiyuden Chronicle Goes Full Sports Anime with Unite Hero Attacks, Beyblade Fights and Chocobo Races

Eiyuden Chronicle, keeping the Suikoden touches, will include cool combo attacks between the party members titled Unite Hero Attacks.

August 21, 2020

Rabbit & Bear Studios revealed new updates on the Kickstarter news page of Eiyuden Chronicle revealing Unite Hero Attacks and various minigames.

Eiyuden Chronicle will include a fishing system. Players can fish all around Allraan after reaching a certain point in the story. Each fishing spot will have different fishes. You’ll need to use the right baits and upgrade your fishing equipment, cooking or selling your catches. Lastly, the fortress town you develop will also have its own fishing spots, which work as aggregators. It’ll have fishes from all around the world.

Next up, you’ll also be able to play Beigoma, spinning tops. You’ll be able to buy Beigoma customization kits, make your ultimate Beigoma, and battle NPCs. You’ll even be able to learn Beigoma skills.

Next up there’s trading. Doing business will also be one of the minigames. The price of goods changes depending on the time and place, and you’ll have to observe the market, buying and selling the right goods at the right time.

Next up, Eiyuden Chronicle will also include Eggleg Racing and raising. You’ll be able to find new Egglegs throughout your adventure or buy them.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Next up, we got a new short Eiyuden Chronicle gameplay video revealing the Unite Hero Attacks:

Next up, two more characters were also introduced, Gocteau and Iris:

Profession: Guild leader

Favorite food: Steak topped with plenty of garlic

An influential leader of several guilds. That grin of his seems amiable enough, but this is a man who has been through hell, more times than one. When trouble goes down, Gocteau gets a look in his eye that scares the pants off the younger guildsmen.

He loves to gamble, but rarely wins. Gocteau certainly sounds like an experienced fellow! He could make for a very useful ally!


“Heaven hadn’t even shat you down to earth yet when I started working this business. So do us all a favor, clam it, and watch a master ply his trade.”

Home: The University of Carles

Favorite food: Black tea, and biscuits to go with it

An architect who graduated from the League of Nation’s prestigious University of Carles. She’s usually quite pleasant to chat with, but when it comes to her trade, she can’t shut up. Mention the word “gables” and you’re in for an hour-long ode to the perfect slope—and don’t even get her started about gambrels!

No question, an architect could certainly come in handy when building a whole town


“Oh, hello there! Come in, don’t be shy. This is a happy space! That’s what they pay me to build. I know, I live a charmed life.”

Lastly, a new short interview video with Junichi Murakami was published:

Eiyuden Chronicle is scheduled to launch in Fall 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and the Next-gen Nintendo platform if it releases by then.

You can read more on the game and check out some gameplay via our past coverage.

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