El Chavo for Wii Gets a Totally Expected ‘E’ Rating

El Chavo for Wii Gets a Totally Expected ‘E’ Rating

The Wii game based on the popular Mexican television sitcom-turned-cartoon, El Chavo, finally has its ESRB rating. With a big ol’ E gracing its cover art, the game is one step closer to its release, of which we’re still waiting for news of a solid date.

With El Chavo, Mexican game developer Slang is giving you a title you never knew you wanted but just might have to own come release. Well, you might not be interested if you didn’t grow up in a predominantly Spanish-speaking household. Or if you sold your Wii eons ago when you realized all you used it for was to get that cutie you met in Biology 101 to come over and play some Wii Sports, break the ice and maybe get to first base (Mine’s still a lady-killer).

The game earned a warning of “comic mischief” from the ESRB. The agency cited mini-games where characters comically shove each other or topple cows and an altercation wherein a woman slaps a man, producing those hilarious twirling stars we cartoon fans are so fond of.

Anyway, El Chavo del Ocho, a Mexican comedy that stars an orphan who lives in a barrel in an apartment complex, is getting its own silly video game adaptation on Nintendo’s little white console. Did I mention the orphan is played by a middle-aged man? Well, he is.

The title is primarily based on the cartoon adaptation of the ’70s sitcom, which celebrated its 100th episode earlier this year. This move just begs the question: What TV show — excluding those that already have game adaptations like The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park — would you think makes a good game? My money would go to Arrested Development.

Just think about it: Blue Man stages, “Her?” bonuses, a Mr. Banana Grabber and chicken dance mini-games; The game practically develops itself. C’mon!