El Dia Announces Eve Rebirth Terror For PS4, Vita; First Screenshots, Story Details

El Dia announced in this week's Famitsu a sequel for Eve Burst Error, titled Eve Reburst Terror, for PS4 and Vita, coming in 2019.

By Iyane Agossah

December 5, 2018

Famitsu revealed today that El Dia announced Eve Rebirth Terror in this week’s issue of the magazine. Eve Rebirth Terror will release for PS4 and Vita, and is a sequel to visual novel classic Eve Burst Error. The game is scheduled to release in 2019.

Eve Rebirth Terror will once again feature dual protagonists Kojiroh and Marina, as they get tangled in a new case one year after the original game’s ending. More details on the story, characters, and game systems will be revealed along with Famitsu’s release.

Eve Burst Error’s first version released for PC in Japan in 1995, and the game earned even more recognition with its Sega Saturn version from 1997. A remake based on the Saturn version, titled Eve Burst Error R, released in 2016 for PC and Vita. El Dia released Eve Burst Error R digitally for Switch as well, on October 25, 2018. The game got multiple sequels and spin-offs in the past, but this is the first one in more than eight years, so this is really exciting news. This article will be updated with information from Famitsu as soon as possible, after the magazine releases on Thursday midnight JST.

You can find below a preview of the Famitsu pages featuring the game, and the full version of the first key visual, showing Kojiroh and his trademark eyes-covering hairstyle, dual-wielding Marina, and the blue-haired Kyouko.

Update: The game title has been corrected from Eve Reburst Terror to the correct name: Eve Rebirth Terror.

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Here are the details from Famitsu. The gallery has also been updated with the first screenshots and artwork from the magazine.

Here’s the story pitch:

Peaceful days have returned. It’s been one year since the Burst Error case, and the dreadful incident is slowly starting to fade away from memories. Kojiroh Amagi and Marina Houjou currently spend their days in boredom, handling their respective jobs and cases. Until one fateful day, where their paths cross again, their destiny heading toward a new tragedy…

Just like in Eve Burst Error, Eve Rebirth Terror has a game system allowing you to switch anytime between Kojiroh and Marina.

The game’s development is at a 70% completion rate. Eve Rebirth Terror ‘s scenarist is Kasa Sakaki, who previously worked on games like Tsuyokiss. The character designer is Hidetoshi Iwamoto, an extremely talented artist whose badass illustrations often served as my desktop wallpapers in the past. He’s the illustrator of two light novels, Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru, and Yomuin-san wa Yuusha ja Arimasenno de.

A first print premium edition was also announced, and its contents will be revealed at a later date.

Lastly, here’s a translation of the characters’ profiles from Famitsu. Their portraits are listed in the same order in the gallery.

Kojiroh Amagi: the famous private detective who runs the Amagi Detective Agency. While he holds incredible reasoning skills, his agency barely gets big cases. All of the boring and plain cases they receive are perfectly handed by Kyouko, who joined Kojiroh’s agency as an assistant. They get enough money to go by thanks to her. Kojiroh hates such boring cases and prefers twisted incidents, as they make his detective instincts burn. He was spending his days in boredom until such a case finally appeared. A request, about investigating the disappearance of a teacher from the El International School. The school is closely linked to Kojiroh’s past, and it’s where he first met Kyouko, who was infiltrating the school. He decides to pick up the case, sensing it will satisfy his thirst for action.

Marina Houjou: A first-rate international agent affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence Gathering. She had a 99% success rate on cases she was assigned to, but she lost the passion to do her job after a certain case and is currently on leave. It seems her fiery spy life is behind her. Until a certain incident one day. A young boy ended up sneaking into Katsuragi Private Detective Agency’s office, and Yayoi, the agency’s chief, asked Marina to become the boy’s bodyguard. At the same time, multiple assassins seem to have infiltrated Japan, and they may be aiming for the boy’s life.

Kyouko Himuro: The secretary at Amagi Detective Agency. She’s highly skilled and has a serious personality, so she puts her all even in the most mundane jobs, completing them perfectly.

Yayoi Katsuragi: A private detective who runs the Katsuragi Private Detective Agency. She’s a highly talented woman who managed to get the agency back on track after it almost shut down following a certain event. She’s best friends with Marina, and she’s also Kojiroh’s ex-girlfriend.

Kyouko Kirino: A rookie agent who’s currently paired with Marina to learn the ropes. She’s quite clumsy.

Misumi Kagawa: An ex-member of the Domestic Affairs Inspection Division of Public Security. She got promoted to another department and it seems she also put an end to her affair with Saburou.

Saburou Kouno: Marina’s superior and someone who understands her well. However, he always worries that Marina’s recklessness and destructive habits might rub off on other agents.

Update: The official website for the game is online. It is only a teaser for now though.

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