Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls Composer Confirms Work on Elden Ring

Longtime FromSoftware composer Yuka Kitamura has confirmed that she will indeed be working on the studio's latest project, Elden Ring.

By Logan Moore

March 25, 2020

Yuka Kitamura is a composer that has worked with developer FromSoftware on a variety of titles over the years. Not only has she helped contribute tracks to projects like Bloodborne, which features multiple composers, but she also served as the primary music writer on Dark Souls III and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Essentially, when FromSoftware has needed assistance with music over the past few years, they’ve gone to Kitamura.

Considering her history with FromSoftware, it should then come as no surprise at all that Kitamura has now confirmed she’ll again be doing work for the company’s latest title, Elden Ring. In a recent interaction with a fan over on Twitter, Kitamura was asked about whether or not she’d be doing work for Elden Ring’s soundtrack. Kitamura kept her response straight and to the point, simply saying, “Yes, I am.”

Again, this isn’t a major shock by any means, but knowing just how fantastic Kitamura’s past work has been, it’s a welcome revelation to be certain. Whether or not she’s the primary composer or just one cog in a larger team that is working on the soundtrack isn’t known, however.

Surprisingly, this is the first piece of information that we have heard about Elden Ring in months at this point. Other than revealing the studio’s latest action-adventure title last year at E3 2019, FromSoftware has been absolutely silent when it comes to news on the game. In fact, details about Elden Ring has been so sparse that the game’s burgeoning community has essentially resorted to posting endless, terrible memes to help bide time until more information on the project is shared. Hopefully, FromSoftware will have something new to say about it in the coming months.

For now, all we officially know about Elden Ring is that it’s slated to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC whenever it does end up arriving. Considering the next-gen console leap to PS5 and Xbox Series X is set to take place later this year, one would think that the game could potentially launch before these platforms release. Then again, FromSoftware did release Dark Souls II on last-gen hardware following the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, so who knows what might be in the cards for Elden Ring.

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