Elden Ring Cosplayer Recreates Raging Wolf Armor in Jaw-Dropping Detail

March 2, 2022

One Elden Ring fan created the ultimate cosplay, re-imagining the game’s Raging Wolf armor in incredible detail.

Elden Ring received massive praise upon its launch, earning one of Metacritic’s highest scores ever for a new release. Boasting 10/10s across the board, FromSoftware’s latest RPG is an epic adventure to be had.

Of course, with an epic game comes an active, creative community, and Elden Ring‘s player base is no different. From gorgeous fan art to mind-blowing cosplays, this community has shown some incredible dedication to the game.


One cosplayer, Kuwait-based Majed Alkanderi, went the extra mile, fully embodying the Tarnished by decking himself out in one of the game’s coolest sets of armor.


A model, crafter, and designer, Majed Alkanderi is no stranger to the world of intricate cosplays. Painstakingly re-creating even the finest details in a character’s outfit, his replicas of in-game armor and weapons are flawless.

This time, Alkanderi took on the challenge of re-creating Elden Ring‘s Raging Wolf armor set. Shrouded in metal scales and covered in intricate detailing, his armor is truly a sight to behold.

The leather padding on his bracers and legs have the look of well-worn armor, and the velvet drape beautifully for additional flair. Looking closer, you can even see notches from enemy swords – proud battle scars befitting a warrior.

Via @majed_Cosplay
Via @majed_Cosplay

Originally, the Raging Wolf armor set was worn by the old Bloody Wolf class from Elden Ring‘s November 2021 Closed Network Test. Tailored for Dexterity-based characters, this armor set provides style and worthwhile defense without much weight.

Though the level of detail in the armor set seems like it’d take years to perfect, Alkanderi states that it only took 2 months to complete the cosplay. It’s an amazingly short time to craft something so imposing and realistic, which only speaks to Alkanderi’s skill. Bandai themselves praised his cosplay, tweeting, “the level of detail in this is honestly astonishing.

Additionally, Alkanderi even made a short montage to show off the full armor set. With solemn poise, he brandishes a sword, looking every bit the mighty adventurer.

To see more of Alkanderi’s incredible work, check out his Twitter page or his YouTube channel. You’re bound to find some phenomenal cosplays for other franchises, like Mortal Kombat, Ghost of Tsushima, and Assassin’s Creed. Otherwise, Elden Ring is available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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