Elden Ring Fan Makes Strange Discovery At The Bottom Of The Erd Tree

One Elden Ring player ventured deep below the Erd Tree, making a discovery that shows a number of hidden mysterious creatures.

August 4, 2022

In the distance, able to be seen from almost anywhere, is Elden Ring‘s Erd Tree. Standing tall and glowing, the Erd Tree is the symbol of the Golden Order, getting power directly from the Elden Ring. Not only is it the location of a number of pivotal battles, but it also appears the site of a few secrets.

Elden Ring is a truly massive game – it makes sense that players have continued to find hidden areas. Whether its unused colosseum areas to stashed away character models, the game’s intricate environment holds a lot to be discovered. Some may just be game development hacks or just unused assets, but players have shown excitement for each discovery.


This time, Elden Ring player u/vlad17design ventured into a particularly difficult to-get-to area, making an unexpected discovery within the Erd Tree’s roots.

What Lies Beneath Elden Ring’s Erd Tree

In a video originally posted to Reddit, u/vlad17design shows off a unique way of traversing the Erd Tree. Through a combination of careful falling and blade-assisted parkour, they find themselves landing amongst the tree’s roots.

First, vlad17design heads to the Erd Tree Sanctuary. There, they follow the stone path to reach the small Gazebo, where they’ll begin their descent. Equipping Malenia’s Blades, the player utilizes the weapon combo to safely travel downwards. Many other Elden Ring players have stated that these blades are the best for parkour, and vlad17design makes full use of that feature.

Landing safely on the pillar, they then travel along a rocky cliff ledge. Here, there are invisible walls that could push players off the edge, so careful travel is required! This path took vlad17design along the Erd Tree Sanctuary’s buildings, eventually coming to an area within the Erd Tree’s roots. Passing through a wall, vlad17design then discovers a massive open area to face Hoarah Loux.

Hoarah Loux is Godfrey’s second phase of combat. Simply standing there menacingly, the player quickly realized that the game stored the model under the Erd Tree until the player triggers the actual fight. vlad17design couldn’t deal any damage to the model despite the fact that it had an HP bar (also likely due to the fact that it is dormant).

They hadn’t yet defeated Godfrey, which was likely why the model was stationary in this area. Once they did defeat Godfey, vlad17design went back under the Erd Tree – and saw Hoarah Loux had disappeared. Watch vlad17design’s full video of their discovery below:

Another Weird Creature?

This wasn’t the only Elden Ring Erd Tree discovery vlad17design made. Even further down into the roots, in an unreachable area, they spotted th silhouette of a mysterious-looking creature. They stated that it looked like a Pest, but many other Elden Ring players commented that it was probably the Elden Beast. Yet another model hidden beneath the map until needed!

Strategies like these help preserve some of the game’s ability to run. By reserving assets until needed or having them preloaded into the map (just in a hidden area), game devs have save resources for other things.

vlad17design also came across the last boss room entrance, as well as the arena where the game’s last boss fight occurred. It seems it’s actually located much deeper than the entrance implies!

These secrets and hidden areas show a bit of sneaky game development tactics. All of these assets help make the illusion of the boss fight work, creating an epic battle that runs smoothly throughout!

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