Elden Ring Fan Stuns in Bewitching Ranni Cosplay

March 22, 2022

Cosplayer Takomayuyi unleashes a magical aura with her stunning cosplay of Elden Ring‘s fan-favorite character, the witch Ranni.

Elden Ring‘s presence online has only grown larger and larger since its release, and as its popularity grows, so does its community. Fans have embraced the dark fantasy world of FromSoftware’s latest title, showcasing their own talents alongside their love for the game.

While players have praised Elden Ring‘s open-world design and fearless approach to difficult combat, fans have also been drawn to the game’s characters. From the Demi-God Boss Radahn to the mysterious Melina, Elden Ring characters have spawned no shortage of incredible-looking fanart. Now, though, one fan expressed their love for the blue witch Ranni in a gorgeously detailed Elden Ring cosplay.



Introducing Takomayuyi, a 20-year-old US-based Chinese cosplayer! Previously, she’s slipped easily into the shoes of Magic: The Gathering‘s Olivia Voldaren and Genshin Impact‘s Yae Miko; now, she embraces the blue magic of Elden Ring‘s Ranni.

Along with a focus on accuracy when it comes to character clothing, Takomayuyi also takes advantage of photo editing and special effects makeup. In fact, for her Ranni cosplay, she spent 12 hours on the make-up alone. Additionally, counting the following hours needed to take and edit the photos, her Elden Ring cosplay was a massive undertaking – and the results are a massive success.

For those less familiar, Ranni is an NPC that opens the player to a lengthy side quest and substantial reward. Players can initially find her at the Church of Elleh at the beginning of the game, or at Ranni’s Rise in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. If players decide to help restore her, she’ll grant them with a sweet reward – a Dark Moon Greatsword.

It’s incredible how an expert understanding of face shapes can help someone transform into a character. Takomayuyi perfectly captures Ranni’s ghostly blue visage and delicate face, using clever contouring to disguise her own features.

Following the Ranni selfie, Takomayuyi’s official photo completely blew Elden Ring fans out of the water. There’s a strong sense of melancholy and pain, exacerbated by the bloodied ropes binding her. Though the selfie was clearly a cosplay photo, this shot looks straight out of the game.

Takomayuyi is mostly active on her Twitter, but you can see more of her incredible cosplay work on Instagram and Facebook.

Elden Ring is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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