Elden Ring Fan Takes up a Tough Challenge Until The Game's Release Day

Trying out everything to make the game release.

Elden Ring fans are getting more impatient with each passing day. The game was announced back at E3 2019, but we heard pretty much nothing about the game after the initial announcement. At one point, fans even believed that the game was canceled. From Software eventually released a statement debunking such rumors and stating that the game was indeed in development. There have been a lot of rumors around the game, with some suggesting that we will be getting more information about the game in March itself.

Amidst all that, a fan has taken up quite an interesting challenge. Reddit user Atijohn (via PCGamesN) has taken up a challenge to defeat a Sekiro boss every day until the game releases. Atijohn is posting a video of him defeating Isshin, the Sword Saint, daily. To make things even more interesting, he is doing the challenge without Kuro’s charm, with the Demon’s bell activated and without any healing.

For those who are unaware, Kuro’s charm prevents the player from taking damage while blocking. Demon’s bell on the other hand makes the game significantly harder. Considering Isshin is one of the hardest bosses in the game, this is quite a tough challenge to take up. But Atijohn seems to be quite dedicated in his resolution. In fact, when he was asked whether he would continue to do it for 300+ days, he replied affirmatively.

From fans trying some black magic to make From Software release the game to making the game trend on Twitter, the Soulsborne community seems to be trying everything to make the game release. As of now, there is not much known about when the game release or when From Software will release the game. That being said, the month of March is speculated to make fans happy. Whether the game actually releases soon and Atijohn’s challenge comes to an end remains to be seen.

Elden Ring is slated to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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