Elden Ring Fan’s Let Me Solo Her Cosplay Shows Malenia Who’s Boss

April 22, 2022

To pay the ultimate tribute to Elden Ring’s community hero, cosplayer and content creator KittyBit Games embodies Let Me Solo Her in an awesome closet cosplay.

After tales of the mysterious Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her spread throughout the community, he quickly became legend. Let Me Solo Her is an extremely skilled and extremely altruistic player, lending his hard-practiced skills to any struggling Elden Ring player. Able to singlehandedly defeat one of the game’s most difficult bosses, the player has taken down Malenia over 400 times to date.


Following the weeks since his first appearance, the Elden Ring community has given Let Me Solo Her celebrity status. Fan art of the player, both 3D and 2D, spread like wildfire, all to honor the strongest among them. Now, cosplays of the player are beginning to pop up, starting with KittyBit Games’ awesome Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her Cosplay.


As both a fitness model and content creator, KittyBit Games regularly poses for photos in impressive-looking cosplays. Her costume creation skill and ability to portray tough characters with ease eventually landed her entry into Capcom’s Creators program.

Along with cosplays of anime favorites like Demon Slayer‘s Inosuke and Fire Force‘s Maki Oze, KittyBit Games now tackles video game cosplays. In an epic display of strength, she’s taken on the persona of Let Me Solo Her.

Though Let Me Solo Her doesn’t have much in the ways of fashion, his jar and dual katanas are iconic. So much so, that the Elden Ring community dubbed him “the Jarnished.”

Here, in KittyBit Games’ cosplay, she not only adopts the Jarnished look, but shows off her strength. The jar atop her head is a real garden pot weighing nearly 20lbs, held up using thick towels for comfort. Though she affirms fans that the weight of it doesn’t hurt, it’s a shockingly heavy prop for a closet cosplay.

Additionally, KittyBit Games arms herself with two katanas, similarly to Let Me Solo Her. She’s stated that the katanas “are a custom forge with Western style integrations that reverse the half-moon curve as it passes the guard.” Though she didn’t have them created specifically for this cosplay, it’s a small touch that personalizes the look to her.

Aside from the Let Me Solo Her cosplay, KittyBit Games also created a full-scale Malenia look. Check out her post on it below:

To catch a glimpse of more of KittyBit Games’ cosplays, look for her on Instagram, Twitter, or her KittyBit Games website.

Elden Ring is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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