Elden Ring Hero Named Let me Solo her Is Beating Malenia for Everyone

April 13, 2022

An Elden Ring hero named Let Me Solo Her is lurking around in the Miquella’s Haligtree region of the game, helping fellow Tarnished defeat Malenia.

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Reddit user u/sazed813 was going through his regular grind of Elden Ring, trying to take down Malenia. However, after being unsuccessful after several attempts, they decided to use summons to assist them in the toughest battle in the entire game. However, they notice a pretty weird thing — this guy without armor and a jar helmet was named “Let Me Solo Her.” Allowing them to fulfill their wishes, the host takes a backseat and lets the fellow Tarnished take on Malenia, solo. They defeat Malenia in a pretty flawless run, and since then, Let Me Solo Her has become an absolute hero in the community.


Elden Ring Hero Named Let me Solo her Is Beating Malenia for Everyone

Soon after that, the mysterious hero made a post themself on Reddit, stating that they are doing their best to help fellow Tarnished defeat Malenia. In fact, the user goes on to post a video of them soloing Malenia as the third summon. Considering that Malenia is the hardest boss in the game even if you have the best gear and armor, the player defeating it without any armor is quite commendable.

One might argue that letting others defeat a boss for you kills the purpose of the game or is not enjoyable. However, that doesn’t take away the credit from the player. As the original poster mentions, if one is this skilled in the game, they have all the bragging rights and deserve all the praise. There are already several memes making rounds, with the most popular one being Miquella being scared of Let me Solo Her in the Team Fortress “I fear no man” template.

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