Elden Ring Mod Lets Player Play As Darth Vader Along With Stormtroopers

May 12, 2022

Since the launch of Elden Ring players have been trying out a variety of mods to make their gameplay more interesting and exciting. And, today we will be taking a look at Elden Ring Darth Vader mod.

For those who are not familiar with Darth Vader, he is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe and the primary antagonist. He is considered one of the iconic villains to date due to his role in the trilogy.

Now, coming to the mod, it is made by Xelerate, one of the best mod makers for Elden Ring and is available in the mods marketplace, Nexusmods. It is basically Darth Vader’s suit along with a different ending animation. However, the other boss fights and quests work normally.

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Elden Ring Darth Vader Mod.

Video creator lolmetwice has tried out the Darth Vader Mod while tackling Radagon of the Golden Order, the second last boss in Elden Ring. Interestingly, the video also shows the Stormtroopers, acting as summons and battling with the boss as well.

Most importantly, this mod beautifully displays Darth Vader’s red lightsaber along with the troop’s guns with exact animations. On top of that, the costumes are also rendered perfectly and there is no sign of glitch.  Check out the gameplay video of Darth Vader Mod below.

Players can use this mod throughout the map and use those summons that has the highest number of units to enjoy the mod with Stormtroopers as well.

If you are looking to try out this mod, all you have to do is visit this link that redirects to Nexusmods and follow the exact steps mentioned on the site. Note that, mods can only be used on PC and are not available for PlayStation and Xbox users.

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Make sure you start the game in offline mode as the mods are external files which manipulate the original ones hence there are chances of you getting banned.

That’s all for Elden Ring Darth Vader mod. Make sure you check out our Guides and Game Update section for more news and tips and tricks.

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