UPDATE: Elden Ring New Trailer Will Likely Be Showcased on March 23 at Microsoft's Possible Event

Currently, there are two big rumors around the Elden Ring new trailer and Microsoft's March 2021 event. Don't you think they could be related to each other?

February 28, 2021

UPDATE: Despite what we believed to be solid rumors – it looks like this has turned out to be false. Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg shared the following tweet:

It’s been a long time since we last heard or saw something official about Elden Ring, but we are receiving some positive signals from different sources that the anticipation will finally be over on March 23 this year. Elden Ring new trailer could be showcased at Microsoft’s possible event later in March. If you don’t believe it yet, let me break it down for you.

Microsoft’s Next Xbox Showcase Will Possibly Go Live on March 23


Previously, we have heard some rumors from reputable sources like Jeff Grubb that Microsoft is planning a new Xbox Games Showcase event for March 2021, where they will focus on the upcoming games to the Xbox Series X|S and consoles, especially the ones that are under development in Bethesda and Zenimax studios. A few days earlier, the rumored event received more strong positive signals when Paul Thurrott claimed on his Twitter page that the event will go live on March 23, followed by a Windows-specific event sometime later.

It’s been a while since the launch of Xbox Series X|S consoles and the last Xbox Games Showcase event, so this does sound reasonable that an Xbox-focused showcased, even a brief one like the X0 series, is set for later next month. Microsoft has not talked about its Bethesda projects and plans clearly so far, which makes the upcoming event a great place for Phil Spencer to share an update on Starfield and the other ongoing projects on the lately acquired studios.

Two Reputable Reporters Have Confirmed that We Will Receive Something New About Elden Ring in March 2021

In a recent edition of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, Jeff Grubb revealed that he believes something new about Elden Ring will come out sometime in March this year. Now, a few hours earlier, Jason Schreier also confirmed Grubb’s sixth sense on the Elden Ring new trailer and claimed that the game will be showcased relatively soon.

Two Big Announcements Happening in March; They Could be Related, Right?

The one and only trailer from Elden Ring so far has been showcased at the Microsoft event back in E3 2019. Bandai Namco is the publisher behind the upcoming title of From Software and they seem to have a good relationship with the Redmondians. The publisher also showcased Scarlet Nexus, one of its anticipated projects for this year, in another Xbox Games Showcase back in 2020. So, this is a good sign that Microsoft probably has a share of Elden Ring‘s marketing and they won’t let the game’s new trailer slip through their hands, now that it’s been scheduled to be shared in March 2021.

It’s not a confirmed idea yet, but it surely is the closest we’ve ever been to an Elden Ring trailer since its announcement back in 2019.

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