Elden Ring Player Masters Morgott Fight Using Only a Club

April 28, 2022

Elden Ring player u/Jim0917 slayed the Morgott Fight in an killer display of knowledge using only a simple club.

As if Elden Ring wasn’t difficult enough, players have created new ways to play that introduce further challenge to the game. Whether it’s using unconventional controllers or strange attacks, players’ creativity has resulted in some hilariously unique runs.

This time, Redditor u/Jim0917 has taken up the mantle of Morgott Battle master. Armed with only a basic club and no armor, u/Jim0917 has managed to defeat the boss in an impressive display of skill.



Perhaps a bit inspired by local Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Her, u/Jim0917 embarked on a journey to defeat Morgott with a limited build. The player’s lack of armor, once again following an old Dark Souls tradition that praised players for taking on the game in a similar fashion, posed significant challenges in the boss gith.

At this point, most Elden Ring fans are aware of the game’s notoriously difficult bosses. To even consider taking on one without armor is, in itself, considered brave – more so to actually succeed in the battle. Following hours of practice, u/Jim0917 finally beat Morgott with just the club. Watch his full clip below:

Not only did u/Jim0917 have to carefully avoid Morgott’s attacks (which would likely one-hit kill him), he also had to do so using a fairly weak weapon. It’s both a test of his combat ability and endurance, as dodging was as important as landing any critical attacks.

In this case, what made u/Jim0917 successful was his attention to the boss’s tells. He explains that the overall process of learning Morgott’s moveset and telegraphed attacks took him nearly 5 hours. That knowledge, coupled with a mastery of a variety of player abilities, was what allowed him the victory. All in all, u/Jim0917’s Morgott battle just goes to show how important it is to understand your enemy!

Elden Ring is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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