Elden Ring Was Rumored to Release in Early 2021 but May Have Been Internally Delayed Due to COVID

Elden Ring Was Rumored to Release in Early 2021 but May Have Been Internally Delayed Due to COVID

I doubt you can even imagine this rumor being true, but Elden Ring may be on track to launch around midway through 2021.

Elden Ring is the game that supposedly exists although FromSoftware has yet to show us anything about it. Outside of the game’s initial reveal trailer back at E3 2019, news on the game has been essentially nonexistent. Fortunately, if a popular rumor proves to be true, we could start to see and hear more about the title quite soon.

In a new report from AltChar, it is said that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment internally have been planning to release Elden Ring in early 2021. This information comes by way of an “insider” named Taepo on ResetEra who purports that this information is true based on what they have heard. That said, the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain it has put on developers around the globe is said to have caused FromSoftware to potentially push back the game’s launch by a few additional months, meaning that it may not arrive until closer to the summer.

Obviously, it’s hard to know if any of this info is true given the way that it is coming about, so take it with a major grain of salt. That being said, despite the fact that FromSoftware has been so silent on Elden Ring this year, a potential release in 2021 doesn’t seem outlandish. The studio’s last project, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, released in early 2019 which means we’re nearly at the point where it will have been two full years since FromSoft launched a game. Given the previous timelines for release with other titles the studio has worked on in the past, it stands to reason that this gap between Sekiro and Elden Ring would be more than ample for the latter project to get finished up.

As 2020 comes to a close, there is always the possibility that Elden Ring could show up at the year’s biggest remaining gaming event which is The Game Awards. While I wouldn’t encourage you to get your hopes up for a re-reveal at this venue, I know that I’ll for sure be crossing my own fingers that we learn something new on December 10.