Elden Ring Survival Mod Launches With New Gameplay Mechanics

A hardcore mod for a hardcore game!

June 9, 2022

Elden Ring gets an official Survival Mode from a modder, which could make your experience many times harder than the usual difficulty level!

Elden Ring is definitely a tough experience for many of us as gamers, but if you just don’t feel that toughness, there are some tools to challenge yourself even harder!

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Recently, a modder shared an insight into his new Survival Mode for Elden Ring, which increases the difficulty level of the game by adding some new mechanics that you need to deal with on top of the normal difficulties that you usually have in The Lands Between.


Elden Ring Survival Mod Expands Crafting System and Introduces Hunger, Thirst, and Disease as New Mechanics

Elden Ring already features some mechanics that could significantly affect your character’s performance in different areas. So, whenever you get affected by Poison, Madness, Rot, or any of these similar things, you need to make sure to heal yourself. However, you won’t catch these normally unless you expose yourself to them.

In the Survival Mod, however, there are similar mechanics that you always need to deal with. So, your character will become hungry or thirsty, and you need to craft meals to get rid of their effects on your performance.

Moreover, there are new regional diseases that you can be affected by when visiting certain locations, for which, you need to find cure recipes and then craft the required medicine to get rid of the disease.

Last but not least, the Survival mod will make the nighttime much darker and more dangerous than before.

The mod is currently available for download and you can get it via this link. However, keep in mind that Elden Ring is not officially supporting mods, which means installing this mod on your original game may result in a ban or other kinds of punishments.

Elden Ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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