The Elder Scrolls 6 is Not in Development; Bethesda Game Studios Has Two Big Mutliplaform Releases First

The Elder Scrolls 6 is Not in Development; Bethesda Game Studios Has Two Big Mutliplaform Releases First

According to new a quote from Pete Hines, The Elder Scrolls VI is a long, long way off.

On Sunday night during Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference, the focus was games with imminent releases: aka everything shown off was releasing this year. And thus while we got the announcement of The Evil Within 2standalone Dishonored expansion Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and Wolfenstien II: The New Colossuswe didn’t get The Elder Scrolls 6, which came as zero surprise to me personally, but disappointed a few rather, hopeful fans.

As you may know, the last game in The Elder Scrolls series was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which shipped in 2011. The game has notably sold 30 million plus copies since, making it one of the most popular and successful games of last console generation. Since then, developer Bethesda Game Studios, the in-house developer of publisher Bethesda, launched Fallout 4 in 2015, which despite a lukewarm reception generated a whopping $750 million USD in its first 24 hours on the market.

That being said, as 2015 becomes further and further in the rearview mirror, the speculation of the The Elder Scrolls VI ramps up, as traditionally the developer switches between the two franchises. But for anyone expecting to see another installment in The Elder Scrolls franchise soon: I have some bad news, it appears you’re not gunna.

Speaking to Geoff Keighley via YouTube Live, Vice President of PR and Marketing at Bethesda, Pete Hines, revealed that not only does Bethesda Game Studios have two big, unannounced multiplatform games to release before The Elder Scrolls VI, it apparently hasn’t even begun production on the game.

Hines specifically said the following when chatting about Keighley whobrought up the rumors that the developer is working on three games all at once:

“No, we’re pretty clear TES 6 is not in dev while we work — I mean we’re not talking about small things, we’re not talking about a Fallout Shelter kinda project, like big multiplatform releases like you would expect.”

If this is indeed the case and not misspeak from Hines then one could easily see The Elder Scrolls VI being at least six years away, if not more. Yet, that seems impossible, and would mean likely no The Elder Scrolls (not including The Elder Scrolls Online from a different studio) on this generation of consoles at all. Seems improbable, yet likely given what Hines said above. Who knows. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below when you think we TES 6 will be upon us.