The Elder Scrolls VI Will Feature the Skyrim Gaming Grandma as an NPC

YouTube sensation and Skyrim fan Shirley Curry has finally had her dream fulfilled to become a character in Bethesda's upcoming title The Elder Scrolls VI.

March 30, 2019

If you remember back in November last year, I wrote about the sensational Shirley Curry, also known as ‘Skyrim Grandma’ and her love for playing and streaming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on YouTube. She had expressed a huge desire to play Bethesda’s upcoming, and still a long way off from completion, The Elder Scrolls VI but stated that by the time its ready for release, she may not be around to actually play it given that she will then be around 88 years old.

A petition was then started by Reddit user phantom-scribbler when they decided to try and help Shirley to fulfill her dreams of being a part, in some way, of The Elder Scrolls VI. The petition reached over 49,000 signatures which is a testament on how loved and respected “Grandma Shirley” is within the Skyrim community and beyond.


To Shirley’s absolute delight and shock, Bethesda clearly took notice and invited her out to the studios where she got scanned using photogrammetry technology – which takes scans of real-life objects and translates them into high detail 3D – so that she can be added as a character into the series she loves so much.

Shirley expressed in a video that it means the world to her to know that another gamer will be playing as her character in The Elder Scrolls VI and also got to meet director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard – I’m not too sure who was more excited to meet each other, Shirley or Todd!

Gameumentary, which makes documentaries about the studios and people behind the games, has put together a documentary about the legendary Shirley Curry that will have its live premiere on April 2nd at 11 AM CST. I’m pretty certain this will be a wholesome and wonderful watch for all who tune in. I’ll be there watching that’s for sure and if you’d like to join me, you can tune in right here on that date.

Even though we don’t know a great deal on when The Elder Scrolls VI will release, it will be exciting to see what role Bethesda will give Shirley and I hope she will get the chance to personally play it also. Check out Shirley’s YouTube channel where she streams a ton of her Skyrim adventures.


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