The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind to Launch in the End of March

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind to Launch in the End of March

Coming at the end of March, the new expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Legends will debut 149 new cards and new three-attribute decks on PC and mobile devices.

The province of Morrowind can be discovered once again in the upcoming expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It is called the Houses of Morrowind, and you can expand your strategic play by visiting the lands of Vvardenfell and collecting an addition of more than 140 cards. Included with the additional cards comes the new Three Attribute Decks, a main focus to this large update.


Seven new cards have been revealed by Bethesda with this announcement, one of which being the infamous Dagoth Ur. Houses of Morrowind also raises maximum deck sized to 100 for every deck, even those that don’t have three attributes. A new set of keywords are available, all of which representing the different houses of Morrowind from which they come. These houses include:

  • Rally – House Redoran [STR] [WIL] [END]: A random creature in your hand will receive +1/+1 whenever a Rally creature attacks.
  • Betray – House Telvanni [INT] [AGI] [END]: Creatures may be sacrificed to play this action once again after already being performed. Betray can only be used once per action.
  • Plot – House Hlaalu [STR] [WIL] [AGI]: This ability triggers if you have used another card that same turn. Hlaalu’s three attributes of Strength, Willpower, and Agility uses many inexpensive cards.
  • Exalt – Tribunal Temple [INT] [WIL] [END]: This ability gives a bonus to creatures in exchange for paying more magicka. Your creatures may become exalted through paying an exalt cost.
  • Five Power Matters – House Dagoth [STR] [INT] [AGI]: No traditional keyword used here for the House of Dagoth. Dagoth cards of Strength, Intelligence, and Agility, will offer rewards for owning a creature with a power of 5 or more.

The Elder Scrolls – Legends: Houses of Morrowind comes out on March 28 on PC via Steam, as well as Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices. Want to see the seven cards revealed by Bethesda? Check out our gallery below, or go to