Elder Scrolls Online Developer Maria Aliprando Details the Dungeons, Quests, PvP and Tamriel at Large

on August 29, 2013 3:47 PM

Rob Pearson from Playstation Access interviews The Elder Scrolls Online developer Maria Aliprando about the dungeons, PvP, quests and the world of Tamriel at large.

According to Aliprando, Elder Scrolls Online has the same control system as Skyrim (with a couple changes to the UI). The main quest is specifically tailored to solo play but for the side quests, players can have light partying and as long as a player contributes 10 percent to a kill, your character will get full loot and awards. A interesting concept is that if the quest ends with a moral choice the party members can choose differently, see their own unique outcome and then still play together.

As for dungeons, there will be 16 four-man versions at launch. Players can either search for other party members through the game’s tools or simply meet up with their friends. There will also be non-instanced dungeons that are more balanced for two players, although players can go it alone. Master dungeons are continuations of dungeons completed in the main quest and includes new monsters and a new quest line. Adventures zones are huge zones that are designed for player groups that range from four to 24 members.

There will also be references to other Elder Scrolls games scattered around, such as characters and lore. The main story will take from 130 to 15o hours to complete. After that, you can continue to complete the other alliance stories, taking just as long for each section (think 130-150hrs times three). We learn that the center area of the world is devoted to PvP, which is an incredibly massive area.

The video has been posted below, so check out the entire interview.

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