Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn Brings Group Mounts and New Dungeons

The next Elder Scrolls Online DLC will add two new dungeons, Castle Thorn and Stone Garden, with Update 27 adding something for everybody.

As 2020 enters its third quarter, it’s nearly time for the third major yearly Elder Scrolls Online DLC to hit the shelves. Well, figuratively.

This upcoming DLC, titled Stonethorn, will release alongside Elder Scrolls Online Update 27, which appears to bring with it a number of small but flattering additions and fixes that could add more character and nuance to the six-year-old MMORPG. It’s worth noting that Elder Scrolls Online has largely been stagnant in terms of significant gameplay changes over the past several expansions (read our review of Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm).

While the DLC itself is slated to remain on-brand, producing the usual offering of two new dungeons that generally accompanies Q1 and Q3 DLC releases, Update 27 seems primed to switch some things up.

First of the promised changes are revamps to the way Elder Scrolls Online handles memory, potentially fixing many memory leak-related crashes and boosting performance for all players. The next one, NPC pathing additions for the housing system introduced in Homestead, will finally let players give their static pets and NPC guests some legs to move around with.

Most interestingly, Update 27 will add new Group Mounts, which are specific types of mounts that can carry a driver and at least one passenger. This idea has existed in other MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, for quite some time, but this handful of newly-introduced mounts will finally allow ESO players to taxi one another across the vast mountain ranges of Skyrim and Vvardenfell.

Stonethorn is set to launch at some point between now and October, though there is no official release date posted as of this article’s writing. Stonethorn will release on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia. Players will fight Lady Thorn’s vampiric army inside of Castle Thorn, and attempt to stop the mad Alchemist Arkasis deep beneath Blackreach in the Stone Garden.

After Harrowstorm and Greymoor, Stonethorn is set to be the third and semi-final DLC of ESO‘s Dark Heart of Skyrim campaign. The final DLC of the Dark Heart of Skyrim campaign, which is slated for release sometime in Q4 2020, has already been titled Darkstorm via Twitter.

Players who are interested in trying Stonethorn and Update 27 early, and who play on PC or Mac, may already try the new additions inside of the Public Test Server.

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