Electronic Arts Explains Why Battlefield 1 Is Set in World War I; “Deep Confidence” in DICE

Electronic Arts Explains Why Battlefield 1 Is Set in World War I; “Deep Confidence” in DICE

In the midst of all the information provided to investors and analysts during Electronic Arts’ quarterly financial call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson explained why the company decided to go with a World War I setting for Battlefield 1.

“When the team set out to deliver the next version of Battlefield, they wanted to do a lot of things with the game. They wanted it to be the biggest Battlefield game, they wanted it to be the most diverse Battlefield game. They wanted fundamentally new gameplay mechanics with evolution of story, interwoven character storylines, evolution of machinery, evolution of weaponry, a real opportunity to build and grow inside of a Battlefield universe.

When they took a step back and asked themselves what was the best place to set a game that had that kind of ambition, World War I was really the only place to do it. What very few people remember from their history classes, I guess, is that people rolled into World War I on horse and came out on planes, tanks and submarines. We think that level of innovation and evolution of battle in a short period of time gives us a tremendous opportunity to deliver a very epic and full-scale experience.

And I think what we have shown so far is a small taste of that, and we look forward to spending time and giving people even more information and a deeper look at that as we come at EA Play in June.”

On top of that, Wilson mentioned that the company has been “delighted” by the reception for the game. The trailer was the most liked one on YouTube in the history of the Electronic Arts, and that is seen as a really positive sign for the franchise.

We also hear that development is going really well, and more of the game is already playable than it has ever been with the Battlefield franchise during the same stage of production. Electronic Arts has “deep confidence” in DICE to “execute against their ambitions,” and looks forward to show more at EA Play in June.

More of the game will also be shown at Gamescom and during the rest of the summer.