Electronic Arts: Mass Effect Andromeda “Looks Beautiful,” “Tracking Extremely Well”

Electronic Arts: Mass Effect Andromeda “Looks Beautiful,” “Tracking Extremely Well”

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call related to the quarter ended on September 31st, CFO Blake Jorgensen talked a bit about Mass Effect Andromeda, mentioning that it “looks beautiful” and the company is pleased with its progress.

That said, financial forecasts give them the flexibility to delay the game if necessary, but for now it’s still planned for the current fiscal year (before March 31st).

“Our focus is on building great games, and right now Mass Effect is tracking extremely well, the game looks beautiful, and we’re really pleased with its progress. However, as you’ve seen, we’re willing to make moves in launch dates if we feel that it’s necessary to deliver the right player experience.

Our guidance assumes that Mass Effect continues to be in this [fiscal] year, but it gives us some flexibility that we might choose to move it either a week or three, or four, or five months if we have to based on what we want to make sure in terms of delivering the right experience to the players. So no news on Mass Effect other that we continue to have it in our guidance and the moment that changes we’ll certainly let everyone know.”

Incidentally, today Electronic Arts released a new teaser trailer, which you can see here.