Electronic Arts Spells Future Plans for the Star Wars Franchise: More Battlefront, Action and Mobile

Electronic Arts Spells Future Plans for the Star Wars Franchise: More Battlefront, Action and Mobile

During the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference held yesterday, Electronic Arts Chief Financial officer Blake Jorgensen spelled the publisher’s plans for the Star Wars franchise.

“It was really based on the historical Star Wars movies and not on the new movies because it came out before the new movies came out. What we were trying to do is essentially leverage the marketing buzz that was created around Star Wars and start what we think is sub to a ten year franchise for us around Star Wars and our partnership with Disney.

We have the ability to build multiple games on the Star Wars IP on any platform in any genre. We saw the first step in this is a game that was accessible to a wide range of people, a younger range group and even an older range group, that would be more attracted to the Star Wars IP versus say a core group that only plays a first person shooter-style game.

At the same time, during the quarter we brought a new Star Wars game on mobile, and we added new content to our PC free to play Star Wars Game that we have from our previous license with Lucas, and all three of those games did extremely well in the quarter and will continue to do well for some period of time. We see it as a great start to building our franchise, building a strong base of people that want to play in the Star Wars universe, and then leveraging that over time with action oriented games, future Battlefront first person shooter-style games, new mobile-type games, and everyone knows that Star Wars has an unlimited amount that you can do with the content.

And as Disney starts to add more and more new content, that just feeds fuel to our ability to add more games around it.”

Personally, I enjoyed the latest Star Wars movie, even if I have a rather big reservation about it that I won’t mention here to avoid spoilers, and it’ll be interesting to see how Electronic Arts will “leverage” it in its future games.