Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta is Available now for $150

Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta is Available now for $150

Set lasers to cha-ching. Elite: Dangerous developer, Frontier Developments, just announced a pricey premium beta package available today.

Elite: Dangerous is a spaceship simulator that will let you do whatever you want, sort of like a poor man’s Star Citizen.

Here’s what you’ll get for you $150:

• Beta online multiplayer PLUS Single Player Combat missions to develop your Sidewinder skills
• Automatic access to all the Beta development stages
• All major downloadable expansion packs as they are released
• A download copy of the released game

Elite: Dangerous released some new footage last week from their Alpha about cruising in space.

We also found some other footage showing off how to track down and take out other players, bounty hunter style. The video has flight assist turned off and player putting his flight stick to the test.