The Elite Four are the Latest Showcased in Kill la Kill IF

Nonon Jakuzure, Inumuta, Sanageyama, and Gamagoori gameplay surfaces, growing the roster for the upcoming Kill La Kill IF

The latest 3D anime arena fighter, Kill la Kill IF, definitely turned some heads with its look and aesthetic staying true to the beloved Trigger anime. Well, today publication Gemtasu revealed new gameplay featuring the elite four (Nonon Jakuzure, Houka Inumuta, Ira Gamagoori, and Uzu Sanageyama).

The video first shows some matches with everyone’s favorite music club president, Nonon. Her move style seems more on the zoning style with blasts and charge beams that keep the opponent at a good distance. Nonon can shoot out multiple blasts for combos that also push the opponent farther back on the stage.

Inumuta has a special analyze meter that grows the more you shoot a sort of homing blast that does greater combo damage. He also has a teleporting mechanic that can bring you right around the opponent to get a counter on them. It also appears that the teleporting is part of a target combo. This is from my speculation, so we’ll have to wait before making any definite calls on that mechanic. What’s more interesting is that Inumuta has a counter super, similar to what Cooler has in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

We also see matches between Gamagoori and Sanageyama near the end of the video. This match looks the most interesting because it looks more like a mecha fight than anything. Sanageyama dons his Three-Star Goku Uniform that he wore in the anime after his eyes were sewn shut. Gamagoori uses his Three-Star Goku uniform which features the mechanic of Gamagoori whipping himself to gain more power for his suit. It appears the whipping does grey damage and can be chipped off after getting jabbed at by the opponent.

The game also notes “ARCREVO Japan 2018″ which could be a hint that more of Kill la Kill IF will be shown off at the Japanese ArcSys tournament next weekend. The game is expected to release sometime next year.

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