Eliza Joins the Battle in Tekken 7 Today

Eliza Joins the Battle in Tekken 7 Today

The vampiric Eliza is now available to PS4, Xbox One, and pc non preorder-ers in Tekken 7.

For all of you who didn’t pre-order Tekken 7 and thus missed out on one of the game’s characters, Eliza — well, I have some good news: today, she is now available. But not for free. For $4.99 USD.

On top of the release of Eliza, a healthy slab of Taiko Drum Master 10 items have been added, including: health gauge skins, a t-shirt, and various effects, all based on the rhythm series.


For those that don’t know: Eliza first debuted back in Tekken Revolution, and now has returned for Tekken 7. She is an attractive female vampire thought to be over 1000 years olds, and who holds immense power and lives for eternity.

As for her involvement in Tekken 7, Eliza has awoken after sleeping for 600 years, in what was supposed to only be a “short nap.” Thus, upon awakening she has found her powers as a vampire essentially nonexistent. In an attempt to restore her strength she consumes the blood of several victims, but this isn’t enough to restore her. Out of options, Eliza leaves and heads towards the old HQ of the clan of exorcist who caused her a great deal of trouble last time she was active.

Tekken 7 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, where it launched back in June.