Comedic Firefighting Game Embr Unveiled by Muse Games

Comedic Firefighting Game Embr Unveiled by Muse Games

Muse Games has unveiled Embr, a funny co-op firefighting game coming to PC via Steam Early Access in Fall 2019.

While developer Muse Games is best known for its multiplayer action title Guns of Icarus Online, they have recently taken a more lighthearted approach to games. Later this year they will release Hamsterdam, a beat ’em up centered around a hamster, and today they unveiled another title with a comedic take on firefighting: Embr.

Embr will release for Steam Early Access later in 2019, with a full release planned for “9-12 months” sometime in 2020. The developers decided to go the Early Access route as it will allow to them to build a community for the game more easily, add and test content prior to an official launch, and will make taking player feedback into account much easier. When Embr hits Early Access, the game will contain an Arcade mode and single player and co-op Rescue missions. In the months leading up until its official launch, Muse Games will double the level count and add two new modes, driving, and a better progression system.

But what is the game exactly? Embr is described by its developers as a firefighter (un)simulator. While the ultimate goal of the game is to put out fires and save people in burning houses, the moment to moment gameplay is more lighthearted and physics based, like what many players have come to expect from games like Human: Fall Flat. The game takes place in a “hyper capitalist” world where people can sign up for an app and become volunteer firefighters when certain situations arise. The whole premise of the game pokes fun at venture capitalism and e-hailing, so that should serve as a funny backdrop for the co-op gameplay.

You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below. Embr hopefully won’t set your PC on fire when it releases on Steam Early Access this fall.