Emily is Away

Emily is Away <3 was announced for PC today by Kyle Seeley and its features chats on the Facebook inspired Facenook instead of AIM.

Two of my favorite PC indie games from the past couple of years are Emily is Away and its sequel Emily is Away Too. While AIM messaging on AOL was a bit before my time, the games hit at points in my life where I was in very similar situations to the in game characters. Today, the series’ creator Kyle Seeley announced Emily is Away <3, which continues the clever title wordplay while shifting ones AIM messages to a Facenook, a social media site that is clearly this game’s version of Facebook.

Like its predesscors, Emily is Away <3 is a text adventure game was various branching paths and tons of nostolgia for the platform it is representing. While Facebook is bigger than ever today, Facenook is based on the 2008 version of the aforementioned site so it should still elicit some nostalgia from early Facebook adopters.

The Switch to Facenook also means the game doesn’t have to rely solely on text chatting and the occasional link to get the story across; instead, Kyle Seeley has made it clear that this version of the game will be incorporating recognizable features like poking, individual statuses, and public group-focused chats. Due to this major changes, Emily is Away <3 is being described as more of a spiritual successor rather than a direct sequel to the previous games.

That being said, Kyle Seeley ensures the nostalgia and feels will be as strong as ever in this new title. You can check out the first trailer, GIFs, and screenshots for the game below. Emily is Away <3 does not have a concrete release date yet, but the game will be playable at PAX East.

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