End of Eternity Video Exudes Awesomeness

End of Eternity Video Exudes Awesomeness

This game always confuses me.  It’s called End of Eternity in Japan, but will have an entirely different name altogether when it comes out in North America – Resonance of Fate.  Regardless what it’s called, a new game play video surfaced that showcases some of the features of End of Eternity (we’ll stick with that one for now, since the video is for the Japanese release of the game).  I’ve had this game on my radar, but it wasn’t at the top of my list.  Let me be the first to say, watching this video just shot it up and I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on it than ever before.

Why, you ask?  The video focuses quote a lot on character and weapon customization (I’m big on customization) – not just functionality, but pure cosmetic changes, as well.  There’s a segment that showcases some of the different outfits you can put on the female character (don’t laugh!).  Not only can you change their outfits and/or their armor, but every single cut scene uses the new stuff you equip and clothe them with, as well.  And, the cut scenes look amazing.  I assume, since it reflects the customization, that they’re all rendered in real-time.

You can also customize your weapons – in both appearance and functionality.  Gone are the swords and shields of typical fantasy JRPGs.  Those are replaced by technology.  In other words – guns.  We’re obsessed with guns, right?  Just look at how excited we got when we heard Borderlands was going to feature thousands and thousands of variations.

A large chunk of the video also focuses on battle – and the battle scenes look outstanding, to say the least.  It appears tri-Ace has outdone themselves and, perhaps, even improved upon their typical action-based combat formula that they used in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.  I’m not saying the battle systems are similar, but there’s always been something missing from action-battle systems for me, and perhaps this might rectify things.  Here’s hoping, right?

Check out the video below.  It’s six minutes long and in Japanese, but you know what?  I didn’t care in the least.  The video just gave me the chills, hoping and praying this game is half as good as it looks.  It comes out in Japan in late January, published by Sega.  It will have a North American release, but no date has been set in stone yet.  It’s definitely one to keep on your radar if you’re a JRPG fan.