Space Shooter End Space Coming to PlayStation VR September 19

Space Shooter End Space Coming to PlayStation VR September 19

Orange Bridge Studios VR space combat simulator End Space will finally be making its way to PlayStation VR on September 19.

Orange Bridge Studios took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce that its  space shooter End Space will be coming to PlayStation VR September 19. The game will be $19.99, but PS Plus members will get a 10% discount at launch.

End Space is the fruit of Orange Bridge’s efforts to craft a great VR space combat simulator. Players control a Minos Starfighter, which establishes a “neural link” with the player, allowing them to aim their ships turret guns with the PS VR headset while moving the ship with the DualShock 4.

End Space features a single player campaign where the player works for the UTC, and takes on the insurgent Tartarus Liberation Front (TFL) in the Tartarus Sector of the galaxy. The TFL is aiming to acquire the secrets of the UTC’s Hyperluminal Drive and is constantly interrupting UTC supply lines, so the player decides to step in and stop them.

Those playing End Space on a PS4 Pro will also see extra enhancements to the game, including 8XAA support, resolution oversampling, additional post-processing effects, higher resolution textures, and models with a higher polygon count.

You can check out a trailer for the game below. End Space will be available on PlayStation VR September 19.